SearchLock for Privacy of Searches

Search Lock

Nowadays, increasing numbers of individuals are said to be using computers or other technological gadgets. And there are numbers of purposes that are being associated with the use of the said gadgets. Among the uses would be searching or browsing in the web through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and a lot more. And once you are browsing the web, you are then creating searches history into the gadget that you are using like your laptops or computers. In addition, you are using your account as well. And this could lead to some risks associated with the data in your searches history. If you aim for privacy with regards to your searches history your best option would be the use of a tool known as SearchLock.

SearchLock is considered as a free tool which helps in protecting the privacy once you are browsing the Internet. If you are browsing numbers of web search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo and others then you are storing every single search term that you might be typing. The history might be kept for almost months wherein it could be traced back. In addition, the privacy policies of those most famous search providers would state that the search history could be associated along with any account or email address that you are to maintain with them such as your accounts in Microsoft, Google and Yahoo. It would not just be the search engines which are tracking the searches as well. Workplaces would also considered using monitoring software in order to record the web searches as you use the computer or network once at work.

And with the idea that search history is considered as highly sensitive data which could be revealed potentially it must not be put into someone else’s hands also. It could be possible through the help of SearchLock. This tool is considered as designed in order to prevent the tracking of the search terms through big search engine companies and some other organizations which might be interested about the things you are ding online. With this tool, you are now guaranteed that your searches will be kept safe and by yourself only. Follow Search Lock on Facebook here:

Search LockSearchLock might be using patent-pending technology which will detect once your search query will be about to be tracked and so will re-route it in order for it not to be tracked then will deliver the search result through an encrypted and privacy-friendly results page. If you want your searches not to be tracked then the best option would be the use of SearchLock. There could be many numbers of benefits in terms of privacy about your searches if you are going to use the said tool. And also, you will be guaranteed that your account on the different search engines would also be safe and so will not be tracked by anyone that might offer risks about your personal data. In connection, SearchLock is your best partner in order for you to be convenient with everything that you are searching on the Internet. You might have numbers of reasons why there is a need for you to consider SearchLock regarding your searches. And one of the most important reasons would be because your searches are actually not anonymous.

If you are in need of something that will make your searches history safe and secured then SearchLock could be your best option. Since you are aiming to be private with your searches history and with everything that you are searching on the web you must also not doubt the ability of this tool in protecting not just your data but also your account.